Adult Stroke Improvement Class

cropped-logopic.pngThis program welcomes adults of all abilities: swimmers who want to return to the pool, Masters swimmers who want extra technical assistance; triathletes who want to become more efficient swimmers; all adult athletes who want the low-impact, high-cardio workout that swimming offers.  All strokes, as well as the skills of efficiently swimming in a pool, are taught and modified for each swimmer.  Every individual is asked about their specific goal at the beginning of the season, and these goals are worked into the seasonal plan.  We appreciate your feedback at all times to enrich your experience and improve our product. 


  • Focus on Technique & New Skills.  Our focus is on improving your efficiency and teaching you new things.  We are less focused on “swimming as many meters as possible.”
  • Maximum coach to swimmer ratio of 1:8, with a target of keeping lane numbers low (Max 5 per lane).
  • Video Taping your Progress:  Swimmers may request their progress to be filmed.  If so, a coach will tape them swimming at the beginning of the season and then again at the end, to show the progress that was made. 

*List of all pre-cancelled practices can be found here.

Available Times:

Nepean Sportsplex – Saturdays 4:30-5:30pm

Nepean Sportsplex – Thursdays: 8:00-9:00pm



Spring Pricing (April – June 2019):


  • Any two: $350

One time a week:

  • Nepean Saturdays: $ 200
  • Brewer Sundays $250

Other pricing options available upon request.




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