Intro to Competitive Swimming

cropped-logopic.pngNational Capital Aquatics Club offers a Pre-Competitive Swimming Program that teaches the art of competitive swimming and follows Swim Canada guidelines with the goal of the swimmers enjoying the present experience and acquiring the skills to be a life-long swimmer.

What: Classes provided to children from the age of 5 onwards. Swimmers will be placed in broad levels  for the purpose of grouping.  There is a maximum of 8 swimmers per lane and our coaching ratio is 1:8, although it is usually even better.  Please note that in line with NCAC’s mission statement, there are only two levels that cover two broad ranges of ages and abilities.

When & Where:  Class times and locations can be found here

We have a number of different options below, and the more often you practice the lower the per contact hour fee will be.

If you would like a different practice combination, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate it.



Spring Pricing (April -June 2019)

TURTLES GROUP (ages roughly 8-12):


Any three $425


  • Any Two Practices: $325

One time a week:

  • Nepean Thursdays: $200
  • Nepean Saturdays: $200
  • Turtles + (1.5 hour practice) Nepean Saturdays: $267
  • Brewer: $225

Tadpoles :

Nepean (4:30-5:15pm): $165

*Time and combination variation available on demand.


**Practices will be structured so that similar skills are covered at both Brewer and Nepean on any given week.  However, swimmers participating in both practices, will be exposed to more advanced skills and be provided with new and different drills to help them master the skills. 

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