NCAC has a loose level system used primarily for grouping purposes.  As such, “passing the level” will not be a form of motivation for the swimmers within the club.  The primary focus will be placed on individual objectives, the joy of learning, and the thrill of self-improvement.

Adults:  Adults of all abilities are welcome in our program, lanes are divided based on skill and motivation.

Alternative Competitive:

  • Senior: Roughly 14 year olds & older who are either Competitive or Post-Competitive.  The idea of “Alternative Competitive” is that the program is adjusted to their individual needs and interests.
  • Junior: Roughly 11 year olds to 14 year olds who are either Pre-Competitive or Competitive.



  • Turtles (ages roughly 8-12)
    • Some of the Goals:
      • bilateral breathing in front crawl
      • aligned head position
      • 6 beat flutter kick
      • simultaneously rotating arms in backstroke
      • proper hand exit and entry into water in backstroke
      • breaststroke whip kick
      • introduction to breaststroke arms and timing
      • dolphin kick
      • dives


  • Turtles + 
    • These programs will expand and perfect the skills worked on in Turtles
    • Some additional goals include:
      • Flip Turns
      • Open Turns
      • Butterfly timing
      • Starts
      • Interval Swimming


  • Tadpoles: (ages roughly 5-8):
    • Required Baseline: able to swim with the help of a person or flotation device for 5 meters.
    • Some of the Goals:  The classes will focus on making the swimmers more comfortable in the water while introducing the base level skills of competitive swimming.  These skills will include:
      • Face in water except for breath, exhaling through nose
      • push off wall on side
      • breath every second stroke in front crawl
      • proper arm and hand recovery and pull in front crawl
      • steady kick
      • kick on back
      • introduce back arms
      • introduce tumble turns
      • intro dolphin kick

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